At-Customer-Location Consultation Request Form

"We'll Help You Get a Handle on What You Have, How to Get the Most Out of It, and Whether There's a Better Solution"

Depending on the scope of your equipment and rigging, the site consultation will address the following:

  • Visual inspection and mechanical operation of your equipment and rigging for physical safety and proper operation
  • Discussion of update/upgrade path and timeline for gear that is obsolete, approaching end-of-life, or that is a safety risk
  • Tips on operation and improving performance
  • Creation of an equipment inventory, as requested; the benefits of a CAD drawing of your gear for inventory management and training options, as requested
  • Suggestions for periodic maintenance
  • Options for periodic gear familiarization for your staff members

Request Form

Please complete and submit this form to provide our Tech Services Team the details they will need to prepare a visit to your site for an equipment and rigging consultation.

The first hour of driving and assessment time is free of charge. We will call you in advance of the visit to estimate any charges based on your requirements. Charges my be credited towards equipment purchase.

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Scope of Assessment: Please describe, in general, the types and quantities of equipment and rigging you would like us to assess and counsel you about during the visit.

Please check all equipment and rigging at your venue that you would liked addressed by the assessment:
 Motorized rigging 
 Non-motorized rigging 
 Drapery and props 
 Lighting fixtures 
 Lighting console 
 Audio components 
 Audio console 
 A/V equipment 

How many lighting fixture/instruments will be addressed:

Describe particular areas of concern or interest regarding any of the above eq./rigging:

Are you considering upgrading or re-purposing any of the above eq./rigging?
 Depends on what we learn
Payment Method (we will call you in advance of the visit with an estimate):
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You will be invoiced on account - referencing your PO - or your credit card will be charged upon completion of the assessment.
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By submitting this form, you are indicating acceptance of all provisions incorporated into the above and the following Terms and Conditions:

Equipment Service and Repair - Terms and Conditions

Factory & Manufacturers Warranties:

Customer understands that PNTA Service Technicians are trained by a number of International manufacturers to install, commission, operate, diagnose and repair equipment in our area of expertise. However, Customer retains full responsibility to notify PNTA if equipment is under warranty and provide proof of purchase (required by Manufacturer) as technicians who perform services without manufacturer authorization on said equipment can render any warranty void.

Fees & Charges:

PNTA reserves the right to charge for its labor at various rates according to the complexity of the project and source of the equipment repair. Equipment purchased through PNTA, as evidenced by your receipt, may qualify for reduced hourly labor charges.


A PNTA Service Technician will examine equipment submitted for repair and, if requested, will provide a written estimate or "range" of labor and replacement parts costs prior to proceeding with repair. Details of estimates will be communicated by email and your reply by return email or fax will be deemed as acceptance of both the estimate and these terms and conditions. Once you have accepted the estimated cost of repair, you will be notified if unforeseen complications warrant additional costs.

In the event you decide NOT to proceed with an estimated repair, you will be charged for the Service Technician's time up to that point plus a) if you want the equipment returned, you will be charged for repackaging for shipment and shipping charges, or b) if you abandon the equipment or direct us to dispose of it, you will be charged the actual disposal fee incurred by PNTA. Any equipment is deemed "abandoned" if it is not picked up within 30 days.

Payment & Collection of Repaired Equipment:

PNTA will invoice you upon completion of the repair. If you do not have a PNTA Credit Account, your credit card will be charged for the cost of repairs. A PNTA representative will contact you to notify you that your equipment is ready for pick-up, at which point you may elect to have the equipment shipped to you at your cost. Any equipment that is not collected within 14 days will be shipped to your billing address at your risk and expense. In the event where we have no address for you and we have made unsuccessful attempts to contact you, we will, after 1 calendar month of completion of the repair, consider the equipment abandoned and dispose of it at our discretion.

The Work:

PNTA will repair or replace defective or failed parts with new parts or components when available. Refurbished parts or custom-built parts may be used when the equipment is no longer manufactured or new parts are unavailable. If such repair or parts replacement is needed because of equipment malfunction or failure, PNTA will not extend its service to additionally alter the appearance, cosmetic, decorative or structural aspects, including framing unless you specifically request such service.In time, all equipment reaches a point when it is no longer economical to repair, or may be considered too dangerous to operate under normal conditions; wherever practical, we will notify you of our findings and generally recommend appropriate disposal. It is our policy to remove the electrical plug on any unsafe equipment.


PNTA Service Technicians guarantee their workmanship for 30 days after completion of the repair. PNTA specifically disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including - without limitation - the warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will PNTA be liable for any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages even if we have advised of the possibility of such damages.

The Customer shall bear the cost of all shipping charges related to repair or service equipment, although we will attempt to minimize said shipping costs.


Only while on PNTA property is your unrepaired equipment insured against loss by PNTA. The equipment returns to your responsibility upon pickup or shipment from our facility.


Customer agrees to pay for PNTA Technical Services at the time the repair or service is completed. PNTA offers Account terms (Net 30) on pre-approval of credit and we will happily charge to your account, subject to your authorization and provided the account is in good standing.