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Sennheiser MobileConnect ConnectStation

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MobileConnect - Sennheiser's WiFi based system for your venue that enables low-latency transmission of audio content to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. With MobileConnect, which consists of a ConnectStation, a real-time streaming server and the MobileConnect app, you can easily provide assistive listening for hearing impaired, audio description for visually handicapped persons, interpretation channels or audio for silent screens to your venue.

Sennheiser's MobileConnect system embraces the bring-your-own device (BYOD) principle enabling users to use their own mobile devices on the MobileConnect WiFi network. The system consists of a ConnectStation, a central unit for integrating different audio streams and transmitting them via WiFi access points to the personal mobile devices.

Personalized accessibility for students and audiences

MobileConnect is Sennheiser’s WiFi-based system for accessible hearing. It is optimized for the use in universities where it serves best the demand of students for state-of-the-art audio technology that is easy to use. Following the BYOD philosophy, MobileConnect is also perfectly suitable for the use in Theatre, Opera and Musical.

Compatible with:

  • Hearing aids
  • Cochlea implants
  • Headphones

The pioneering system for assistive listening

MobileConnect streams audio content via WiFi live and in great quality directly on your personal smartphone. Adjust the sound characteristics intuitively with the free MobileConnect App and route the audio signal to your headphone, hearing aid or Cochlea implant.

Personal Hearing Assistant

Developed with Fraunhofer-Institut für Digitale Medientechnologie IDMT, the Personal Hearing Assistant allows to adjust the audio signal easily according to individual hearing needs. This intuitive touchscreen control offers assistive listening for the hearing-impaired and enhances speech intelligibility and sound quality for everyone!

Unicast Mode

MobileConnect provides Assistive Listening Over WiFi to all smartphones (iOS & Android) worldwide thanks to our unique Unicast Mode, a feature that no other solution can provide. Most providers use Multicast transmission technology that is not compatible with a lot of Android smartphones.

How it works

With MobileConnect, the innovative assistive listening system, lectures are transmitted over WiFi in real-time and in high quality to mobile devices and smartphones. To access a live stream, students simply need to download and install the free MobileConnect app (available for iOS and Android) and connect to their university's WiFi network with their own device.

Highest reliability

Low Latency: The real-time audio streaming server enables extreme low-latency transmission of audio content to mobile devices. Low latency is indispensable for Assistive Listening over WiFi.

Best Audio Quality: We provide real-time audio streaming using the Bring your own device-principle to provide high definition sound and perfect speech intelligibility.

Unicast Transmission Technology: With MobileConnect, transmission of audio content over WiFi to all smartphones (iOS & Android) worldwide is possible.

Quickly amortized - Bring Your Own Device

Audiences and students use their own smartphones, so no additional hardware is necessary. MobileConnect requires neither maintenance nor operational costs, which means a lower Total Cost of Ownership and faster Return on Investment. Save yourself the effort for device handling, headphone hygiene or battery management.

Fast setup, easy operation

MobileConnect integrates easily into any existing audio infrastructure and can be installed within a day. Simply link the ConnectStation to your existing audio system, connect to your WiFi and start the app – you're all set. The entire system is easy to maintain and fast to configure via Admin Web Interface.

The ConnectStation – the versatile core of the system

The ConnectStation is a WiFi-based multi-channel audio transmission system for mobile devices. The system can be used wherever audio is transmitted. The ConnectStation and the free MobileConnect app accomplish the prerequisites for assistive listening at lectures, speeches, presentations and events.

Seamless network integration

MobileConnect meets the technological requirements of today. It easily integrates into any existing network and audio infrastructure. The system is fully interoperable and no proprietary solution is needed.

Integration Mode

Integrated Mode makes it possible to integrate MobileConnect into your existing WiFi network infrastructures. In Integrated Mode, the operation of up to 10 ConnectStations per network is possible.

  • Connect and manage up to 10 ConnectStation in one network.
  • 4 channels per ConnectStation.
  • 100 clients per ConnectStation.

Standalone Mode

Standalone Mode is the right choice if there is no need to integrate the ConnectStation into an existing WiFi infrastructure. In Standalone Mode, range extension is achieved through the operation of up to 8 Access Points.

  • Range extension: Connect and manage up to 8 access points to increase the WiFi coverage.
  • WiFi encryption is manageable via the ConnectStation’s admin interface.

Client Balancing

With the Client Balancer, you can easily increase the maximum number of simultaneously active clients for one or more audio channels. To this end, the individual ConnectStations located in the same network communicate with each other and set up a cluster. As soon as a defined number of clients has been reached on one ConnectStation, new clients will be connected to and supplied by another ConnectStation. This optimally balances the workload across all ConnectStations.

Client Monitoring

With the Client Monitoring function, you can conveniently evaluate the usage of your MobileConnect network by people listening to the MobileConnect App. With Client Monitoring, the total number of connected clients per day will be displayed. Also, the maximum number of simultaneously connected clients will be displayed. All statistics will be stored on the ConnectStation and can be viewed in the ConnectStation's admin interface.

The MobileConnect App

  1. Download the app from free from the Apple App Store and GooglePlay.
  2. Connect to the WiFi network. Enter the system settings on your smartphone and choose the local WiFi network.
  3. Start the app and adjust the sound. The "Personal Hearing Assistant" allows for a truly intuitive sound adjustment. Tweak spatial sounds or speech intelligibility by swiping your finger over the touchscreen.