• HME DX121 Wireless Intercom Base Station
  • HME DX121 Wireless Intercom Base Station
  • HME DX121 Wireless Intercom Base Station
  • HME DX121 Wireless Intercom Base Station

HME DX121 Wireless Intercom Base Station



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HME DX121 Base Station Highlights:

  • Headset Connector Connectivity
    can be connected to most hardwired intercom headset jacks for instant wirelesscommunication.
  • Four-Wire Connectivity
    interfaces to four-wire/matrix intercoms and radio based communication systems. Assignable relay closure for advanced functionality.
  • Built-In Battery Charger
    One-port battery charger charges a remote Communicator® battery in under three hours.
  • Spectrum Friendly™
    Frequency Range can be selected for low band only (2401.92 - 2439.936 MHz) high band only (2443.392 - 2481.408 MHz) or full band (2400-2483.5 MHz).
  • Digital Frequency-Hopping, Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
    Encryption Technology ensures confidential communication. Approved for worldwide use.
  • Assignable Relay Closure
    Provides advanced functionality when used with matrix intercoms or radio based communication systems.
  • Expandable
    Compatible with the entire HME DX 200 and 100 series of digital wireless intercom products.
  • Four-Wire I/O Connection
    600 Ω balanced, level adjustable.
  • Headset I/O Connection
    200 Ω, level adjustable for interfacing to a Dynamic MIC headset connector.

System Specifications:

Frequency Range: 2400-2483.5 MHz
Frequency Response: 200 Hz to 3.5 kHz
Power Requirements 100–240VAC, 50-60Hz or 12-14VDC
Temperature Range -4-131°F Typ.
Size 1.62" x 5.50" x 7.88"
Weight 1.2 lbs. with battery
4-Wire I/O 600 Ω balanced, level adjustment
Headset I/O 200 Ω balanced, level adjustment
Antenna Type External, dual diversity ½-wave dipole
(R-TNC connector)
System Distortion <2%
Communication Security 64-bit encryption dual slot diversity
Transmission Modes Continuous (Latched) or Push-to-Talk (PTT)

Transmitter Specifications:

Type Frequency-Hopping, Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
Transmit Power 100mw Burst
Modulation Type Gaussian filtered FSK, TDM
Frequency Stability 13 ppm
Harmonics/Spurious Exceeds FCC and ETSI specifications over temperature

Receiver Specifications:

Type Frequency-Hopping, Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
RF Sensitivity <-90dBm w 10-3 BER
Frequency Stability 13 ppm
Distortion <2%
FCC License Not Required