• Pro Intercom AD2410 AC Adapter

Pro Intercom AD2410 AC Adapter

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An econoCom system consists of:

  1. a table-top (AD2410) AC adaptor with removable IEC powercord, and a cable with connector which connects the AD2410 to the PS-4 interface box, and;
  2. a PS-4 system interface.

These two devices, taken together, are the system's power supply.

The econoCom power supply components are not intended to be used in systems which include more than two loudspeaker stations, stage manager stations, or multiple circuits.

The ribbed, extruded aluminumcase, Celcon® M90 end bezels, internal support system for the PC boards, and best quality XLR connectors all contribute to the outstanding ability of the system components to withstand rough usage.

The econoCom AD2410 is fully compatible with Clear-Com® and other popular (200Ω- unbalanced line) headset intercom systems.