• Countryman ISOMAX 2-H Stage & Choir Microphone
  • Countryman ISOMAX 2-H Stage & Choir Microphone

Countryman ISOMAX 2-H Stage & Choir Microphone

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Unlike other choir mics, Countryman's unique Isomax II-H hypercardiod mic is designed to pick up the whole choir evenly. That means the front row of singers doesn't overpower the back rows, and nobody sounds like a soloist simply because he or she is closest to the mic.

With Countryman's comprehensive guide to hanging the mics, you can eliminate unwanted noise from the audience, musicians, and monitor speakers. Best of all, the Isomax II-H's coverage pattern reduces the number of mics necessary to capture the whole choir.

You can fly these tiny, lightweight microphones almost invisibly from a thin wire spanning across the choir, rather than suspending bulky equipment from high ceilings. That makes Countryman's choir mics infinitely easier to replace, position and control - without the risk of equipment accidentally falling and injuring people below.

Supplied with windscreen, cable spool, stiffener for hanging and phantom-powered preamp.


  • Virtually invisible mics for choir, stage and audience


  • Unusually uniform pickup over entire choir or production
  • Text book perfect cardioid and hypercardioid polar patterns for excellent stereo separation and rejection of unwanted sounds
  • Precision directional patterns are uniform with frequency
  • Excellent gain before feedback
  • Handles high SPL


  • Sleek, small, lightweight mic doesn't distract performers or house
  • Easy to hang without scaffolding


  • Special 50' cable won't twist with temperature changes.