• Sennheiser ew D1 Wireless Set
  • Sennheiser ew D1 Wireless Set
  • Sennheiser ew D1 Wireless Set
  • Sennheiser ew D1 Wireless Set

Sennheiser ew D1 Wireless Set

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Next Gen Technology. A Revolutionary System.

0 or 1, on or off - and when on, then truly on: evolution wireless D1 is a digital sound transmission system that makes no compromises when it comes down to reliability, sound quality or user-friendliness. ew D1 is the number one for every gig and live event when you need to simply rely on pure brilliance. It can run up to 15 output lines in parallel and independently adjust the sensitivity of every transmission. The result: A more dynamic, relaxed presentation.

One touch of the button - and everything's perfectly adjusted

Digital wireless transmission has never been easier: Touch the button and you're unleashed from the cable. In just a fraction of a second, the system locates the best frequencies and synchronizes up to 15 additional transmission links. And the automatic gain control ensures the sensitivity of your signal remains perfectly adjusted. Quieter passages have the exact same clarity as parts that become suddenly loud just a few seconds later. Should you ever wish to assume control yourself, ew D1 can also be configured using the iOS app.

Nothing comes between you and your music

With ew D1 you'll remain inextricably linked whatever the surroundings. The system reviews your radio channels 133 times per second, responding more quickly to changes than it takes sound to reach your ear. When needed, ew D1 can even boost the transmission power to make your signal the strongest in the immediate environs within a fraction of a second. By way of comparison: A blink of the eye takes 20 times longer. At the same time the high-grade aptX Live codec secures your sound through sophisticated software mechanisms.

Sounds Familiar

What is it that makes the ew D1 sound so special? You won't hear any difference compared to a cable connection. We pushed the aptX Live codec to its limits until sampling and resolution reached CD quality, even -and especially -under the toughest ambient conditions. With the large selection of capsules in the evolution series, ew D1 delivers bespoke condenser and dynamic microphones with a sound that outperforms the standard. By the way, EQ and de-esser come as standard with all sets.

Vocal Sets

Our vocal sets supply you with everything you need on stage. You can choose between two capsules, which have long passed the test of time at gigs all over the world. The cardioid response of the e 835 provides assured feedback rejection for when on-stage sound sources are mainly behind you, or when your monitors are primarily in front of you. The e 845 in particular is beautifully suited for solo vocals in louder settings.