CHAUVET® & PNTA Light Seattle Church


Mill Creek, Wash. – Just north of Seattle, 67 CHAUVET® fixtures were installed inside the newly redesigned performance space of Gold Creek Community Church. The installation of wash lights, spot lights and moving heads—all but two are LED-fitted—was in collaboration with the Custom Systems team at PNTA of Seattle, Wa., and Larry Ehoff, Worship and Outreach Pastor for Gold Creek Community Church, who specified Chauvet, exclusively. The church held a grand opening weekend with musical performances on a Friday night, a comedy concert featuring Michael Jr. on a Saturday night, and a special Sunday service.

The multi-use space is just one of several additions to church's new facilities. Other spaces include a kids' space, nursery, offices for printing and administrative services, and a video editing production room. The performance space was designed as a large open space, seating 1,700 people, with a concrete floor, exposed beam ceilings and black walls.

"With the bigger churches, the look is more of an industrial rock feel," said the PNTA team. "The end design was a bigger venue with a hip feel to it—a dense place with intelligent lighting."

The project required house lights with enough throw to reach the floor from 28-foot high ceilings. Twenty-five COLORado™ 2 wash lights were installed for this challenging task, in five rows of five. "We were very impressed with the the punchy output of the COLORado™ 2 fixtures," said PNTA.

At one end of the square-shaped space is a giant stage with a rear projection screen behind it. Ten COLORado™ Batten 72 Tour linear fixtures wash the screen at its top and bottom. Above this screen, at the back of the stage and hanging from the ceiling, we hung a 50 foot long piece of truss featuring 12 COLORado™ 1 wash lights and three Legend™ 4500 moving heads.

Extending out over the audience, every 25 feet, are two more runs of truss. The piece at the front of the stage features another six COLORado™ 1 wash lights and three Legend™ 4500 moving heads. The last piece, situated above the audience, holds the last six COLORado™ 1 wash lights and two Legend™ 550 Spot moving yokes.

"At the start of the project, I looked at some lights," said Larry Ehoff, worship and outreach pastor for Gold Creek Community Church, "and (with PNTA's assistance) got to physically try them out side by side. After the demonstration I liked their intensity and brightness. Then I went to the CHAUVET booth at InfoComm and decided that the value and intensity was there—I bought a considerable number of them. As the professional line has grown, so has my confidence with the lights."

Gear list:
24 x COLORado™ 1 
25 x COLORado™ 2  
10 x COLORado™ Batten 72 Tour 
2 x Legend™ 550 Spot
6 x Legend™ 4500

All photographs ©Alabastro Photography