• ETC DMX Emergency Bypass Controller

ETC DMX Emergency Bypass Controller

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The use of LED fixtures in entertainment-lighting venues has extended from the stage into the house. DMX-controlled LED houselights are becoming increasingly popular, yet few manufacturers provide sufficient safeguards for emergency lighting situations with those fixtures. ETC's compact DMX Emergency Bypass Controllers make safety a priority for DMX-based lighting in venues like theaters, opera houses, concert halls and houses of worship.

The DMX Emergency Bypass Controllers allow DMX512-controlled lights to operate as normal or emergency fixtures, by taking control of a single universe of DMX512 when triggered by an external UL924 device.

Both single-channel (DEBC-1) and six-channel (DEBC-6) controllers are available. Both controllers are CE compliant and UL924 listed as a control bypass device and can work with other emergency-lighting products, like ETC's Emergency Bypass Detection Kit (EBDK). Both are important parts of an emergency lighting plan that must include a complete UL1008 emergency power transfer system.

That system - such as an ETC Branch Circuit Emergency Lighting Transfer Switch (SC1008) or Emergency Lighting Transfer System (ELTS2) - is responsible for actually transferring from normal to emergency power when there's a loss of utility power or other life-safety condition. The DMX Emergency Bypass Controller can also operate as part of a closed-loop fire-alarm system.

Product Features for both the 1- and 6-channel controllers:

  • UL924 Listed for use in emergency lighting systems
  • CE Compliant
  • Compatible with ESTA/ANSI E1.11 DMX512 protocol
  • Compatible with 100-277VAC/50-60Hz emergency power (hot, neutral and ground)
  • Configurable DMX-snapshot for custom 'panic look'
  • Variable panic-look release settings
  • Panic input can accommodate a maintained normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) dry or wet-contact or +12VDC signal

Six channel controller:

  • Built-in UL924 compliant 1-in-6out optosplitter