• Union Connector GSP Female 20A Crimp

Union Connector GSP Female 20A Crimp



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Union's 202P&G connector features replaceable pins, elongated design with more wiring space and better strain relief, and rounded end to prevent hang-up when pulled through trusses and other tight places. Clear cover allows wiring inspection without removing the cover. These connectors come in "kit" form; assembly required. Each connector has all components (pins, screws, plastic body, cover) loosely packed in a small plastic bag. UL listed. Options crimp lug or pressure plate wire terminal. The pressure plate version costs a bit more, but it eliminates the need for crimp tool and lugs, speeding assembly. Strain relief: the connector requires a half or full CSR20 strain relief (below) when installed on cables smaller in diameter than 14/3 SO. Use the 202P&GSR strain relief when installing cables with fiberglass sheathing. Compatible with both 202 series and older-style (square-bodied) connectors. Connectors rated 30 or 60 amps have old-style square bodies.