• Apollo Design 0004 Blue Cauldron ColourScenic Glass Pattern

Apollo Design 0004 Blue Cauldron ColourScenic Glass Pattern

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Gobos enhance design by creating great visuals on walls, floors, backdrops and other scenic elements. Gobos can even be used in place of scenery. The appearance of the image can be affected and/or enhanced by the angle and focus of the light being used allowing for additional design flexibility.

ColourScenic® gobos feature up to 20,000 dpi. No "bridging" of the image is required for glass patterns.


  • Apollo Design glass gobos are made from high quality 1.1mm thick borosilicate glass.
  • Glass gobos are not recommended for use in these fixtures:
    • Altman 360Q
    • Altman 3.5
    • Colortran 5-50

Apollo PrintScenic™ gobos have great color saturation and true opaque black, not "transparent" printer black.

PrintScenic™ Printed Glass Gobos:

  • Perform best up to 300-400 hours of use
  • Offer flatter focal plane throughout life of product compared to PrintScenic™ printed plastic

PrintScenic™ Printed Plastic Gobos:

  • Perform best up to 75-100 hours of use
  • Are perfect for use with LED fixtures