• Shurtape P743 Photo Matte Masking Tape, 2" x 30 Yard Roll

Shurtape P743 Photo Matte Masking Tape, 2" x 30 Yard Roll



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A versatile, reliable tape for use in photo studios, film processing laboratories, as well as in home dark rooms. Recommended for use as a chart tape. Opaque, matte surface - "the photographer's masking tape". Used for photo cropping and edging negative for contact printing. Sealing camera bellow and film holders against light leaks.

An opaque black, matte finish surface insures the light-free masking required for high-quality photo reproduction. High quick stick and adhesion. Easy, consistent unwind. High conformability. Hand tearable - no need for knife or scissors.

Common Uses:

  • Book repair & binding
  • Photo edging & cropping
  • Chart tape
  • Decorative

Advantages and Benefits:

  • Quick stick
  • Good adhesion
  • Short term, high temperature resistance
  • Highly conformable
  • Hand tearable

Physical Properties
Tensile Strength: 21 lbs/in
Adhesion to Stainless Steel: 50 oz/in 
Thickness: 6.1 mils
Elongation: 7%
Backing: Impregnated paper
Adhesive: Synthetic rubber

Made in the USA