Fake Snow: What Are My Options?

Fake Snow from Recycled Plastic BagsThere are three primary types of fake snow.

The first type of fake snow is made up of recycled plastic bags. Obviously, that doesn’t get wet when it is on the floor. This type of snow is used in stage productions consistently as it looks very real when falling. It does, however, make a mess on the floor. It has to be swept up. It can get slightly slippery on the floor, much like confetti might, if allowed to build up much.

corn starch snow

The second type of snow is used primarily in the film industry. It is made of corn starch. This looks like snow when on the ground, but doesn’t look like snow when it falls. It also disappears when it gets wet. The advantage of this is that, when filming a winter scene in the middle of summer, you can put this all over the trees, lawn, house and cars and make a beautiful wintery look. When you are done, just turn the hose on it and wash it all away. It will not hurt the environment as it is just corn starch. This type of snow is also great for taking still photography as it looks most convincing close up.

Snow Machine

The last type of fake snow is made from bubbles. It is generated by a machine that makes it look like it is snowing. This is a very realistic effect. Perhaps the most realistic of them all. If used properly, the snow dissipates before it hits the ground so there is no build up. There are advantages and disadvantages to this type of snow. The advantage is it looks AMAZING! The disadvantages are that it uses a lot of fluid, the machine is very loud and if not used properly, can create quite a mess on the ground.