• USHIO 18W Indiglow LED T8 Blacklight Lamp

USHIO 18W Indiglow LED T8 Blacklight Lamp



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For the first time, you can turn any T8 fluorescent shop light into an LED blacklight! The USHIO 18W Indiglow™ LED T8 blacklight lamps are direct drop-in replacements for 30W and 32W T8 fluorescent tubes. A simple lamp change provides 40% energy savings when compared to existing mercury filled fluorescent tubes. Indiglow 405nm LED chips provide a safe working environment for entertainment blacklight venues where employees will be standing directly under the lights for an entire work shift. The 405nm chips provide enough glowing punch to highlight fluorescing paints, makeup, and carpets while remaining outside of the UV zone.

In the past, when users wanted an LED replacement for a fluorescent blacklight, LED fixtures offered the best solution. However, like fluorescent lamps, LED fixtures degrade in output over time. When an LED fixture degrades to the point where the amount of light is no longer feasible for the venue, the entire fixture typically needs to be replaced by a licensed electrician. Ushio’s Indiglow LED T8 tubes remedy this by allowing the user to replace the lamps when they deem necessary without the associated high electrical labor costs. The flexibility of using replacement LED tubes also allows users to choose single lamp, dual lamp, and four lamp fixtures depending on the amount of coverage and output needed.

The glass tube construction will not discolor, bend or become brittle over time. Designed with both aesthetics and reliability in mind, our Indiglow lamps excel in augmenting captivating, colorful displays. The Indiglow LED T8 blacklight is perfect for applications such as Halloween attractions, mini golf, laser tag, dark rides, nightclubs & bars, glow bowling and family entertainment centers.

Product Features:

  • Plug-and-Play into Any Fluorescent T8 Fixture
  • No UV = Safe for Employees
  • Punchy Blacklight Effects
  • Economical Alternative to Costly LED Fixtures
  • cULus certified