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Martin Jem Hydra Head

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    The Jem Hydra is a multi-headed fog generator which gives you total flexibility in fog placement through a maximum of 16 individually DMX controlled output heads, all serviced by one centralized base.

    Each output head can be placed up to an amazing 150m (330 ft) from the base unit and fired on demand through a full range of outputs - from gentle haze to a blindingly dense fog. Every effect for each and every moment.

    Each head is fed fluid from the base and can be individually synchronized into waves of different outputs and effects or brought together for a single, monstrous fog burst.

    The Hydra is fully DMX controllable from any DMX desk, while the temperature of the heads can be set directly from the centralized base to control dispersion rate. The base also monitors each head for total safety.

    Cleaning the units could not be simpler with a Service Mode that flushes clean the system ensuring pure, even firing every time.

    The Hydra is an ideal tool for club environments, being able to feed a range of spaces with different outputs, but its true application resumé is endless: from theme parks to musicals and world tours, the Hydra’s 300m reach even makes it ideal for quieter theatre applications.

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