• ETC fos/4 Small LED Panel 8"x24" Aperture
  • ETC fos/4 Small LED Panel 8"x24" Aperture
  • ETC fos/4 Small LED Panel 8"x24" Aperture
  • ETC fos/4 Small LED Panel 8"x24" Aperture
  • ETC fos/4 Small LED Panel 8"x24" Aperture

ETC fos/4 Small LED Panel 8"x24" Aperture

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Over a decade of research has been realized in the fos/4 panels. It’s time to give your viewers the most realistic environments and skin tones possible. Why fix in postproduction what you can realize in production? fos/4 is available in both a tunable white light Daylight HDR array and a full color Lustr X8 array.


• Lustr X8 full color array

• Daylight HDR tunable white array

• Three sizes available

• Intuitive UI with color picker

• Up to 62,000 lumens

• Select CCT between 1,900–10,450 K

• NFC configuration

• Multiverse® wireless control

• Standard 5/10 year LED fixture warranty


Color Information: Fixture available in 2-tone (black and studio gray)

Ships With: Fixtures ship with yoke, standard diffusion, powerCON TRUE1 TOP power input cable with connector of your choice and junior pin (1-1/8" / 28mm) adapter.

fos/4 Panel Small

8"x24" (203x610 mm) Aperture

FULL COLOR - The Lustr X8 system sets a new standard in LED
lighting quality. Reaching further into the depths of the visual
spectrum, fos/4 delivers unprecedented color rendition. The nuanced
control over the patent-pending mix of green, lime, blue, indigo,
cyan, amber, red and deep red LEDs creates the most visually
stunning colors available in a studio fixture.

WHITE LIGHT – Ultimate brightness is delivered with the Daylight HDR
array. Using a calculated selection of LEDs from the X8 color system,
this fixture delivers the ultimate tunable white light with natural
warmth when rendering skin tones.
fos/4 delivers brightness beyond expectations and finds its place in
any setting, any venue, any shoot. With up to 60,000 usable lumens,
you’ll get the brightness you need without sacrificing quality.

fos/4 Panels were designed and developed in Wisconsin, USA, and
are supported by an unmatched 24/7/365 phone support guarantee.
And with their industry leading warranty (five years on the full fixture
and ten years on the LED array) you’ll never be left in the dark.
No matter the time of day or week, our phone support team is ready
to help whenever you might need us.

The Griprail gives you a place to attach additional
accessories, or to rig the fixture itself. With design
inspiration taken from the photography industry, this
rigid channel is weight bearing and will allow for
unlimited mounting or accessory configurations. Effects
Standard and customizable effects
including police siren, television, beacon,
camera fl ash, and more.

Deep Red
ETC creates the visual environments where you live, work, and play. We know the effect color has on our
world which is why we’ve studied color perception and taken color rendering to a whole new level.
fos/4 is the first ETC fixture to include the deep red LED. This deep red captures the subtle colors at the
far edge of the visual spectrum enhancing skin tones, sunsets, and fi relight in ways you didn’t know
you were missing. More surprising is how this same deep red also brings a new depth to deep blues,
saturated greens, and ambers. Compared to other leading panel lights on the market, fos/4 is brighter at
essentially all color points. Quality light output at the brightest levels.