• ETC Source Four LED Studio HD
  • ETC Source Four LED Studio HD
  • ETC Source Four LED Studio HD

ETC Source Four LED Studio HD

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The camera loves you when you're lit by Studio HD.
The more spectrally-complete the white light, the more finely tunable to the talent - for the highest-quality color rendition in video, broadcast, and film production. The Studio HD combines impressive light output with the most flexible, variable white light, for truer color performance on camera. The Studio HD's unique recipe of LED color blending pleases the most discerning professional.

Use the Source Four LED Studio HD for key, bounce, smooth or textured lighting.

No external control desk required! With its stand-alone functions, the Studio HD is a brilliant add to your lighting kit.

Product Features:

  • Utilizes ETC's x7 Color System to create the industry's best white light
  • Sharp, clean beam
  • Settings and presets can be copied to multiple fixtures
  • 920 through 1500Hz and flicker-free mode for high-speed camera work
  • Available in fixed or variable-focus (zoom) models
  • Soft-focus diffuser permanent-installation kit available
  • Designed to blend beautifully alongside incandescent sources
  • Accepts all other Source Four accessories
  • Can control other Source Four LED and ETC Desire fixtures
  • Studio stand-alone (on-board controls - no controller required)

Includes Edison to PowerCon power input cord, C-clamp, soft focus diffuser and an A-size pattern holder.

3 year limited warranty.