• Ben Nye Professional Master Moulage Kit

Ben Nye Professional Master Moulage Kit


Civilian and military EMT trainers endorse Ben Nye's Master Moulage Kit for practical ease of use and graphic results. Comprehensive components include all the makeup materials and tools needed to create hundreds of simulated lacerations, burns, abrasions, broken bones, cyanosis and more for mass casualty scenarios. Trainers from the U.S. Coast Guard, Army and ER Nurses assisted in developing specialty shades and materials for maximum effect.

Components are packed in a heavy-duty carrying case for easy transport. Kit includes:

  • Moulage Kit Case (empty)
  • Trauma Simulation Guide
  • 6 x Small Bullet Hole Prosthetics
  • 4" Laceration Prosthetic
  • 1" Exit Wound Prosthetic
  • 2 x Jagged Cut Prosthetics
  • 3 x Spirit Gum Adhesives, 1oz each
  • Liquid Latex, 8oz
  • Nose & Scar Wax Fair, 8oz
  • Fair: (PL-1) Skin Tone Foundation, 0.5oz
  • Olive: (PY-3) Skin Tone Foundation, 0.5oz
  • Dark Brown: (PP-8) Skin Tone Foundation, 0.5oz
  • 3 x Cyanotic Blue Foundations, 0.5oz each
  • 2 x Master Bruise Wheels, 1oz each
  • 2 x Trauma Simulation Wheels, 1oz each
  • 2 x Burns & Blisters Wheels, 0.5oz each
  • Soleil Red Pressed Color, 0.12oz
  • Royal Purple Pressed Color, 0.12oz
  • Wound & Burn Kit: Three 2oz. Bottles
  • Stage Blood, 32oz
  • 2 x Stage Blood, 2oz each
  • Thick Blood, 6oz
  • Simulated Blood Powder, 3oz
  • Charcoal Powder, 4.5oz
  • 2 x Neutral Set Powders, 1.75oz each
  • 2 x Glycerin, 2oz each
  • 2 x Final Seal Spritzers, 1oz each
  • Remove-It-All, 8 oz
  • 2 x Modeling Tools
  • 4 x Flat Brush No. 7
  • 4 x Flat Brush No. 10
  • 2 x Rouge Brushes, Short Handle
  • 3 x Synthetic Foam Sponges
  • 3 x Nylon Stipple Sponges
  • 6 x Velour Powder Puffs
  • Cotton Swab Applicator (100 per bag)
  • Tongue Depressors (5-pack)
  • Utility Scissors
  • 2 x Small Spritzer Applicators, 12oz each (empty)

Please note that any color samples shown are not exact and may vary from actual product colors due to computer monitor display settings.