• Graftobian Blood Colored Modeling Wax

Graftobian Blood Colored Modeling Wax

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This is the ideal wax for creating just about any facial addition: warts, broken nose, deep contusion, you name it.

To use:
1) Apply spirit gum to desired area where you want your wart, etc.
2) Tap Spirit Gum until tacky, usually a few taps with fingertip.
3) Roll wax into a ball in palm of hand and press onto tacky area, flaring out and shaping as desired. Use a very small amount of make-up remover on your fingertip to smooth the wax once the shape is finished.
4) Powder down with face powder.
5) Seal the wax with liquid latex stippled on with a white foam wedge.
6) Allow to dry and repeat until you have a durable skin over the wax.
7) Apply your make-up, blood, etc.