• ProAiir Hybrid Atomic Waterproof Makeup

ProAiir Hybrid Atomic Waterproof Makeup



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ProAiir Hybrid was developed with the professional makeup artist in mind for sprayabity, sponge and brush application with waterproof & smudge proof coverage and durability.

ProAiir Hybrid is manufactured in the United States, made fresh and pass all safety standards by an independent third party USA based laboratory as "skin safe" using only FDA compliant cosmetics / pigments.

When applied correctly, ProAiir can last 1-3 days, but fades over time like regular beauty makeup. Yet can be removed with liquid soap, baby oil or makeup remover.

Removal Instructions:


Simply rub liquid soap or body gel into lather on skin. Wipe clean with wash cloth or baby wipe or rinse with water. Baby oil or makeup remover work well too. Do not use bar soap with water before applying liquid soap. Check out our Resources/Download section and print this image to keep and show customers.

Body Painting Removal: First, rub liquid soap or body gel into lather on skin OUTSIDE of shower. baby Oil, makeup remover works great too! Step into shower and rinse, gently rubbing with a 'scrunchy', wash cloth or loofa if necessary.