• Graftobian Neon Powdered Glitter
  • Graftobian Neon Powdered Glitter

Graftobian Neon Powdered Glitter

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This very fine glitter is perfect for face painting, especially if you want to add a bit of pizzazz! Use by sprinkling onto a design while it is still moist or apply by using a No. 4 Round brush.

To use:
Load the brush with the coloring, dip the brush into the glitter and then paint the coloring and the glitter onto the skin at the same time with a slight rolling motion of the brush.

These powdered glitters are also ideal for use in conjunction with Colored Latex in creating a variety of fantasy designs. When added to Graftobian's GlitterGlam™ Clear Mixing Base, Glitter Powder will give you fabulous eye and lip sparkle for high profile events such as cheerleading competitions.

Finally, mixing Powdered Glitter with Magic Set™ Mixing and Lining Liquid creates a quick drying, glittery lining liquid.