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Lit Cosmetics Forever Wear Glitter Base, 4 ml

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  • Product Description

    “Forever Wear” glitter base keeps all loose product adhered to any skin surface (even under water) without dulling the sparkle. It also prevents cracking, flaking or floating, offering a comfortable all day all night hold. Dries completely.

    A “Waterproof” cosmetic adhesive that is great for all skin types and sensitive skin. Our “Forever Wear” glitter base also provides you with a clean, controlled glitter application. Is recommended for lip / brow / body and can also be used around eye area but a proper "Oil based" makeup remover should be used.

    What else you need to know:

    • This product is vegan, hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free.
    • You may want to use a disposable brush with this product as it might make your good brushes stiff if not properly cleaned after each use.
    • This adhesive works best with a clean surface but can be used over any makeup base. Forever Wear will not lift base makeup it actually acts as a protective barrier keeping your makeup from fading, creasing or loosing colour.
    • Hint: darker glitter colours look best with a dark makeup base while a white base will “POP” lighter glitter colours.
    • Remember to have fun blending multiple colours and play with different shades of eyeliners/shadow and lipsticks.
    • After product has dried tightness may occur but don’t panic! Your skin surface will loosen up.
    • Forever Wear almond has a subtle almond scent and white tint - this tint will not effect end colour outcome.
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