Post-Apocalyptic Scene

dry ice foghaze effectLooking to step up your Halloween decorating? PNTA has suggestions for creating an eerie post-apocalyptic scene.

Start with a dry-ice fogger to create low-lying fog.

Add to the eerieness with a hazer.

For a falling ash effect, combine a snow machine with UV fluid and black lights.snow

Write post-apocalyptic graffiti on the walls with Wildfire UV paints.

A strobe light will disorient and confuse, adding to that post-apocalyptic sense that everything has changed.

Use Wildfire UV makeup for glow-in-the-dark zombie and mutant monster effects.

Show a city on fire with a cityscapeuv makeup skyline steel gobo plus a double gobo rotator featuring basketweave image glass and an amber colorizer.

Or, finish with a Rosco X-Effects fire effect projection on a background wall.

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