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Sculpt or Coat

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If you build scenery, props or costumes and you aren't using Sculpt or Coat, you are missing out! Sculpt or Coat is a non-toxic, plastic cream used to seal porous materials like fabric or foam or to mold cloth over a form into a rigid shape. This versatile, non-toxic material cleans up with soap and water. Its high safety rating makes it safe enough for children to use. Applications include scenery, props, costumes, crafts, special effects makeup, puppet-making, scenic painting and sculpture. Sculpt or Coat is easy to spread, comb, daub, pat, sponge, brush, trowel or smooth with your hands. Used full strength, it gives a tough, translucent finish; thinned with water, it provides a clear, flexible coating. You can sand it and paint it with latex or enamel paints when dry. Use Sculpt or Coat to prep unfriendly surfaces; it sticks to practically anything. Tint Sculpt or Coat with Artist Choices Saturated Paints, acrylics, temperas, universal tints and other water-based paints, dyes and pigments. Once dry, surfaces can be spray painted, lacquered or painted with enamels. When wet, Sculpt or Coat isn't flammable. Once dry and used with some foams, thinned, or mixed with other compounds, it may be flammable. Use suitable flame-retardant. Apply a thin coat of Sculpt or Coat to seal carved styrofoam and give it a smooth, paintable surface. Coating styrofoam with cheesecloth dipped in Sculpt or Coat will give added durability to pieces which must tour or take extra abuse. May cloud if water puddles on the finished product.