• Scuptural Arts Coating Plastic Varnish Flat

Scuptural Arts Coating Plastic Varnish Flat

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Plastic Varnish is a water-based non-toxic sealer. It dries clear and is compatible with all water-based dyes, paints, dry pigments and universal tints.

Creates a "dead" flat finish, eliminates lighting angle sheen and is ideal for video and film work. Creates a tough flat finish even capable of reducing sheen on an underlying shiny surface. For a semi-gloss finish, mix with Sculptural Arts Coating's Plastic Varnish Gloss.

Use it full strength for extra toughness or thin it with water for broader coverage or for spraying through air airless or Hudson-type sprayers. Spray it or dip it for a glaze or protective finish. Roll or brush it to seal and preserve all types of surfaces; painted, plastered or textured.

Water resistant when dry; fine for exterior use.