• Scuptural Arts Coating Plastic Varnish Gloss

Scuptural Arts Coating Plastic Varnish Gloss

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Sculptural Arts Plastic Varnish is a high quality water-based, non-toxic, fast drying Sealer/clearcoating for all types of porous and non-porous surfaces. Its superior adhesion makes it an excellent binder/extender for mixing water base pigments, paints and dyes.

Plastic Varnish Gloss creates a tough gloss finish on all types of surfaces. For a semi-gloss finish, mix with Sculptural Arts Coating's Plastic Varnish Flat.

This easy to use plastic liquid may be used on stage floors, walls, scenery, exhibits, costumes, masks, puppets, properties, and crafts.

Use it full strength for extra toughness or thin it with water for broader coverage or for spraying through air airless or Hudson-type sprayers. Spray it or dip it for a glaze or protective finish. Roll or brush it to seal and preserve all types of surfaces; painted, plastered or textured.

Water resistant when dry; fine for exterior use.

Additional Information:

Concentrated - Up to 400 sq. ft per gallon depending on the porosity of the surface. Plastic Varnish Gloss was designed to be extended with water for large area coverage: On non-porous surfaces 1 gallon may cover up to 1200 sq. ft.

Dries Clear - Wet edges blend easily with no bubbles or overlapping milky streaks.

Tinting - Tint with ARTIST'S CHOICE saturated paints, acrylics, temperas, universal tints or dyes.

Sealer - Seals and protects painted surfaces. Keeps them from drying out.

Surface Prep - All surfaces must be clean and free of oil, wax, dust and other contaminates. Surfaces should be completely dry prior to application.

Stage Floors - Seal/clearcoat floors: Granular surfaces - Mix 1 part Plastic Varnish to 1 part water. Smooth surfaces - Mix 1 part Plastic Varnish to 2 parts water.

Walls - Seal raised or painted surfaces, enhance colors and protect pieces during shipping: Mix 1 part Plastic Varnish to 3 parts water.

Glazes - Create beautiful glazes over marbles and faux painting: Mix 3 parts Plastic Varnish, 1 part water, and 1 part colorant.

Extender- Mix with diluted saturated paints to bind with surfaces.

Binder - Dry Pigments, Small Grain Textures, Bronzing Powders & Micas - Mix 1 part Plastic Varnish with 1 part dry pigments. Add water to desired consistency and color. Apply mica mixtures in one direction to get platelets to lay out properly.

Dip - Seal/protect small items. Thin Coating - mix 2 parts Plastic Varnish with 1 part water. Medium Strength: Mix 4 parts Plastic Varnish to 1 part water. Tough Coating - Use full strength.

Spraying - Mix Plastic Varnish with water according to the spray equipment manufacturer's specifications. Clean immediately after use with hot water.

Dry Time - Under normal conditions, dries in minutes. Walkable after 2 hours. Non-tack (hardest finish) after 3-4 days. Low temperatures, high humidity, poor ventilation, may increase drying time. DO NOT STICK ON ADHESIVE TAPES UNTIL SURFACES ARE TOTALLY CURED

Clean up - Use warm water and soap to clean tools and equipment.

Material Safety Ratings of- Health 0, Flammability 0, Reactivity 0, Personal Protection 0. These safety ratings make Plastic Varnish ideal for use in all types of shops and Safe for working with children and volunteers.

Cautions - Use adequate ventilation.
* Close container after each use.
* Do not apply when surface or air temperature is below 45F.
* Store between 50F - 100F.
* Keep from freezing.
* Do not take internally.
* Avoid breathing spray mist.