• Movie Paint Nicotine Removable Spray Paint

Movie Paint Nicotine Removable Spray Paint


Movie Paint is designed for the general aging and touch-up of sets and props.  This spray can be used to age almost anything, adding richness and character.

Best of all, Movie Paint washes off non-porous surfaces with warm soapy water, so that rented items may be returned to original condition.

Movie Paint Products are especially made for the needs of the entertainment industry. These sprays are designed for use by professionals and are not designed for or intended for personal cosmetic use.

Net wt. 11oz. 15.25 fl. oz.  Made in the USA.


Surface should be free from dirt, grease and wax. Mask protected areas to prevent overspray. Spray in well-ventilated areas ONLY. Use at room temperature for best results.

PLEASE test in an inconspicuous area before spraying entire object. Vehicles should be waxed prior to spray.


Shake until ball inside breaks loose and rattles. Hold can at top and swirl bottom of can in a circle for at least 2 minutes, making ball travel around bottom groove. Shake up and down occasionally. (Repeat procedure for 10 seconds for each minute of spraying.)

Press spray button firmly, with can 6" to 8" from surface being coated. Move can with short strokes, releasing button at the end of each stroke.

Apply several thin coats.

Keep fingertip out of spray so that droplets do not form.

Clear nozzle after use.

After Completing Each Job:

To prevent clogging, clear the valve by holding the can upside down and spray until only clear gas comes out.