• Le Maitre Neutron XS DMX Remote

Le Maitre Neutron XS DMX Remote



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DMX remote control to operate Le Maitre's G150 and Neutron XS.

The DMX interface is a replacement module for the standard G150 remote and as an addition for the Neutron Hazer, to allow DMX data protocol to activate smoke/haze issue, (including variable flow in the case of the G150), via a single channel.

Input connections are standard, i.e.
Pin 1 – Ground/Return
Pin 2 – Data Compliment (-)
Pin 3 – Data True (+)

Connection between module and G150/Hazer is via a standard 3-pin XLR lead.

To use the module in DMX mode, the DMX switch should be set to "Active", the "Power" indicator verifies that the unit is receiving the correct supply voltage, and the "Data" indicator verifies correct data stream. The "Data" LED will flash at 1 second intervals if no data stream is detected. Data address switches are binary coded except for DIP switch 10, which is not encoded.