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Look Solutions Orka Fog Machine



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At the moment, the ORKA is the most powerful fog generator available on the market that is produced as a serial product. It can be used wherever a high quantity of fog is needed in a very short time.

Due to its enormous power and the strong output very large halls and even stadiums can be filled with fog.

The ORKA is the perfect machine for Events, Concerts, Special effects, Theme parks, large TV and Film-Studios and for Fire brigades or Disaster control examinations.

The compact dimensions and the robust housing of the machine make it suitable for touring use.


  • Control panel
    The control panel with LED-display, simple symbols allow for easy operation. It also protects the control buttons against dirt.
  • Finest adjustments of the output
    Digital technology makes fine adjustment of the pump possible. In steps of 1% the output can be adjusted from 0 - 99%. Thus, any desired effect from a tiny fog-cloud to the thickest fog can be produced. This enables the ORKA to be used in both small and large locations.
  • DMX 512 as standard
    The ORKA can be controlled via DMX 512. The connection is done with 5pin-XLR-plugs.

    The DMX start address can be adjusted and saved via the control panel.
    If an external fan is connected to the machine it can be controlled separately via DMX as well and can be used as a wind machine.

    The machine can also be controlled with analog (0 - 10 V) via a lighting desk or via XLR-remote (option). This connection is done with 3pin-XLRplugs.

    A stand-alone-mode is also possible. The adjustments are done directly at the machine. A short press at the start button makes the machine run. Therefore a permanent pressing of the start button is unnecessary.
  • Internal timer
    With the internal timer the fog time can be exactly adjusted in seconds, the wait time in minutes and the output in %.
  • Connector for external fan
    An external fan with max. 800 watts can be connected to the ORKA.


The following Look-fog fluids are available for the ORKA:

  • Quick-Fog (thick, quick disappearing fluid)
  • Regular-Fog (thick, long lasting fluid)
  • Slow-Fog (thick, extremly long lasting fluid)

Technical Specifications:

Procedure vaporizing fog machine
Power requirement 9000 Watt
Voltage 3 x 230V with neutral
50 Hz
Warm up time approx. 15 min.
Fluid consumption
at 100% output
500 ml/min.
Fog output adjustable in 99 steps
Output projection approx. 30 m
Fogging time
at 100% output
at < 40% output
2.5 min.
continuous output
external Fan max. 800 Watt
integriated capacitor
Air quantity adjustable in 99 steps
Control DMX 512
0 – 10 V analog
Stand alone
Radio remote (option)
Temperature control Microprocessor
two thermocouples
Overheating protection Heater block/Thermostat
Pump/Thermal switch
Dimensions (L x W x H)
without tank housing
18" x 13.5" x 11.25"
46.2 x 34 x 28.5 cm
Weight 66 lbs. / 30 kg

Made in Germany.