• CITC SnoBox Snow Machine

CITC SnoBox Snow Machine

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Designed and manufactured at CITC, the new SnoBox fills so many voids. It is now the quietest snow machine on the market at only 30 – 35 db's. It can be placed outdoors as it is weather resistant. The power is so low, that 10+ units or more can be connected to one outlet. It only uses one amp! It has a simple on/off switch so even people who are non-professionals can easily make it snow. The metal, powder-coated cover and technology inside is top notch and made in the USA.

Product Features:

  • Quietest, all-in-one snow machine in the world
  • Weather resistant for both indoor or outdoor use
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • DMX compatible with DMX FX-15
  • Perfect for small spaces and lightweight

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 14" x 14" x 13"

Weight: 22 lbs.

Shipping Weight: 24 lbs.

Shipping Dimensions: 17" x 17" x 17"

DMX Control: On/Off control, overrides stand-alone

Stand-Alone Mode: Turns on when powered up

Sound: 40 db at 30 Feet (10 Meters)

Fluid Consumption: 50 minutes/gallon at maximum setting

Run Time: Continuous

Electrical Supply: 120vac - 1A

Internal Fuse: 120vac - 2Amp

CE Approved: CE Approved parts

CITC Little Blizzard Fluid: Extra-Dry, Super Extra-Dry, LB32

1 YEAR WARRANTY when using CITC Little Blizzard® Snow Fluids