• Dirty Rigger 4-in-1 Imperial Drift Pin Ratchet

Dirty Rigger 4-in-1 Imperial Drift Pin Ratchet


A solid steel frame, coated with a Nickel Chrome plating for outstanding durability.

The Dirty Rigger® Podger Ratchet offers 4 socket sizes including 15/16 inch hex, 3/4 inch hex, 1/2 inch square and 7/8 inch hex, all constructed from solid steel and coated in an ultra-tough nickle chrome plating.

Fully compatible with Dirty Rigger's tool lanyards, the 4-in-1 Imperial Podger is an essential piece of equipment for any rigger.

Key Features include:

  • 4 Socket Sizes: 
    • 15/16" hex (truss bolts)
    • 3/4" hex (fixture bolt c-clamps)
    • 1/2" square (bolt c-clamps)
    • 7/8" hex (cheeseborough nuts)
  • Solid Steel contruction
  • 9.45" short handle design
  • Nickel Chrome plating
  • Pointed end handle, ideal for knocking out truss pins
  • Rated safety bond