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<< Sheldon Warshaw has been involved in theatre for the past 34 years, starting with a lighting design degree from the University of Florida. He then specialized in lighting design for a time before evolving into all other facets of technical theatre. That diversity plus his involvement in many large PNTA client projects, has given Sheldon the savvy to create the perfect system for your theatre needs.

Lars Foster-Jorgensen

Richard Buckley has over 25 years experience and a Masters Degree in theatre. After managing PNTA's Retail Store for 8 years, Richard moved into the Custom Systems department, bringing his deep product knowledge and hand-on experience to a new level of creative problem-solving. >>


Providing design and bid specifications occurs when funding sources require competitive bids from various dealers before any project can be started.

The PNTA staff's expert knowledge and 35 plus years of experience has taught us to listen to your needs and translate that to a bill of materials that will reflect cutting edge equipment and recommendations that reflect your specific needs and ultimately the necessary bill of materials (aka "the BOM or shopping list") ready for submittal purposes. This element is vital so that dealers and distributors can consistently bid on the same equipment.

Also vital is pre-installation and after-sale service, another aspect of due diligence and thoroughness that our past customers will attest to.


request-a-quote-29.png  or call us: 800-622-7850 and request Sheldon Warshaw or Lars Foster-Jorgensen

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Once a package has been specified by PNTA, a theatrical consultant, or other source, we will gladly bid that package. We are diligent in providing the best pricing, service and labor. We are watchful for potential problems that might arise along the way - before they happen. PNTA has a long history of repeat business from clients who appreciate our understanding of both their needs and the risks they face.

request-a-quote-29.png or call us: 800-622-7850 and request Sheldon Warshaw or Lars Foster-Jorgensen


Design/Build projects require no formal bid process and in most cases allow us to waive our consultation fee. We’re engaged to walk you through the process from start to finish. Regular job site visits by our project managers and a close working relationship with all involved during the prep, build and training phases insures a solid installation. With our staff being drawn from the entertainment industry, we are driven to make each and every customer experience the best.


request-a-quote-29.png  or call us: 800-622-7850 and request Sheldon Warshaw or Lars Foster-Jorgensen


PNTA offers project-specific consulting on an affordable hourly fee basis. Our trouble-shooting, insight and custom solutions can save you far more than the price of our consultation - and we specify the right equipment for your application to deliver the optimum balance of performance, value and return-on-investment. We can help you upgrade your technology and equipment as needed rather that entirely replacing costly systems. We can advise you on integrating the old and the new - even from different manufacturers - whether regarding lighting, audio, video, flooring, drapery and stage - all functioning efficiently in your environment. Find out what you have and if/how it works, Learn what things are worth and if they're worth repairing. Get help with putting together an upgrade plan and timeline.

Custom Drapery Services
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Save money and enhance your capabilities. Here’s a sampling of what we can do:

  • Configure and program architectural and entertainment consoles and dimming control systems from ETC, Strand, Color Kinetics, Colortran, NSI, Levitron, Altman, Traxon and many more manufacturers
  • Provide support of older equipment and provide repair and maintenance support to extend the useful life of your existing equipment when cost-effective; or, we help you evaluate and implement plans to update older systems, as appropriate
  • Evaluate and selectively update older dimming and control systems


Got a BIG staging project that involves lighting or sound systems for a new facility or renovation? How about special effects? What about bulk theatrical supplies or consumables? PNTA's got you covered.

Museum of Flight
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  • Find the help you need for complex projects requiring budget analysis, system design and specification review.
  • Draw on our extensive experience to design, specify and supply just what your venue needs for:
    • Diverse stage and architectural systems
    • Lighting system upgrades
    • Multi-channel and wireless intercom systems
    • Sound reinforcement systems
    • Integration of special effect, intelligent and dance lighting for theme, club or architectural settings


request-a-quote-29.png or call us: 800-622-7850 and request Sheldon Warshaw or Lars Foster-Jorgensen

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