Custom Systems

Rooftop Seahawks logoPNTA’s custom solutions team is the group to turn to when you have a technical problem you are trying to solve. Although you will typically find us designing lighting, control and power systems for large spaces, we love the challenges of working on smaller projects and figuring out how to bring your project to fruition. We are able to integrate our understanding of lighting, rigging, power, data, audio and video to find the answer you need. Are you wanting to upgrade your lighting? PNTA has the knowledge and experience to walk you through the options and help you avoid the pitfalls that can occur when integrating new equipment into an older system.   Need a grid hung? A new lighting position? A motorized hoist system installed? PNTA has the ability to design and install it for you utilizing our ETCP certified riggers. Need to project a lecture from the theatre into an overflow room? PNTA has an audio visual specialist on staff that has the experience to make that happen.

PNTA has worked with a wide range of customers on a wide range of projects. We regularly work with the following types of clients:

  • Houses of Worship
  • Theatres
  • Performing Arts Centers
  • Schools
  • Museums
  • Corporate Meeting spaces
  • Film and streaming studio
  • Television Studios
  • Retail Spaces
  • Interior and exterior architectural lighting
  • Art Installations
  • Tech companies

Seattle Sports SciencesOur team specializes in lighting, control, power distribution, rigging, audio, visual and drapes. We have the resources to be a one stop design, installation, training and support for your project.

Working with PNTA on your Project

Our clients approach us at various stages in the project process. Sometimes they know exactly what they need and tell us what they want us to quote for them. Sometimes they have a general idea what they want to achieve but don’t know how to get started. Often, they are somewhere in the process between those two extremes. PNTA is ready to work with you no matter where you are on your project.


So you have a project you want to start but aren’t sure where to begin? Not sure how to make it work technically? PNTA is here to help. Our staff knows that each client’s needs are very specific to them. Our clients know their space, their budget, their goals and the various groups of people they need to please to make the project successful.   The first thing we do on any project is take the time listen to you so we can fully understand what you want to achieve. Once we fully understand your project, we will help you develop the solutions you need to achieve your ends within your budget.


transform classroomThe experts at PNTA draw both on their extensive knowledge of the products available in the industry and their deep technical knowledge to create effective, flexible, scalable design solutions for your project. Whether your project is small or large, PNTA is here to assist you in creating detailed designs for your lighting, control, power distribution, rigging, audio, visual and drapery needs. We have the experience to help you avoid the common pitfalls of designing a system yourself.

Often when you are starting on a large project, you don’t have the funds to take on the whole project at once. One of the services PNTA provides is to help clients create a logical, thought out implementation over time. We use our understanding of the technology and best practices in the industry to help you navigate long term projects so that each step build logically on the one before to avoid missteps that can waste time and money.

Quoting and Bidding

Once a design has been created by PNTA, a theatrical consultant or other source, PNTA is ready to quote it for you. We are diligent in providing the best pricing, service and labor. We are watchful for potential problems that might arise along the way - before they happen. PNTA has a long history of repeat business from clients who appreciate our understanding of both their needs and the risks they face.

Project Management and Installation Services

Our experienced project managers will walk you through the execution of your project from start to finish. We will work with you on site to develop a close working relationship with all involved during the prep, build and training phases to insure a smooth installation process.

Funko HeadquartersPNTA is able to work closely with the trades on site to ensure successful implementation. If you prefer for PNTA to manage the entire installation, we are happy to provide a full, turn-key solution. We have close partnerships with electrical and low voltage contractors that work closely with our experience technicians to ensure the installation is flawless. Our experienced project managers will guide the process from start to finish creating a turn-key solution ready for your use.


What good is a new, powerful system, if you don’t know how to get the most out of it? PNTA is committed to training our clients in the use of their new gear when they request it. We can train as part of a full package, or offer it to you as needed. We have factory authorized technicians who are experienced in helping you get the most out of your new system.


PNTA’s service does not stop when we finish installing your new system. PNTA takes a long term view of our customer relationships. Once we have installed your system, we will continue to be available to you for repairs, maintenance and training. We have a staff of factory authorized technicians who can help you maintain, fix and upgrade your systems. We can continue to offer training on your system as you explore it capabilities. PNTA’s long term support of it’s clients is what sets us apart from our peers.