Consulting & Retrofits

As a company, PNTA has a wealth of experience regarding all aspects of production and stagecraft. We offer that body of knowledge to our customers through our specialized consulting, new construction support and retrofit services.

  • Get the expert recommendations you need. PNTA offers project-specific consulting on an affordable hourly fee basis. Our trouble-shooting, insight and custom solutions can save you far more than the price of our consultation—and we specify the right equipment for your application.
  • Upgrade your technology as needed rather than replace costly systems. As retrofit experts, we’ll integrate old and new lighting, audio, video and stage components (even from multiple manufacturers) to work trouble-free in your facility—and we’ll make sure the installation is done as planned.
  • Save money and enhance your capabilities. Here’s a sampling of what we can do:
    • Configure and program architectural and entertainment consoles and dimming control systems from ETC, Strand, Color Kinetics, Colortran, NSI, Levitron, Altman, Traxon and many more manufacturers
    • Provide support of older equipment and provide repair and maintenance support to extend the useful life of your existing equipment when cost-effective; or, we help you evaluate and implement plans to update older systems, as appropriate
    • Evaluate and selectively update older dimming and control systems

Start Here to Initiate a Site Survey of Your Equipment & Rigging

Take advantage of our tech team for assessment of your equipment and rigging. Many venues have benefited from our tech team site surveys. Find out what you have and if/how it works, Learn what things are worth and if they're worth repairing. Get help with putting together an upgrade plan and timeline. Start with the convenient form below to initiate the process:

     At-Customer-Location Equipment & Rigging Assessment Request Form

If you have any questions, please call (800) 622-7850 Toll Free or (206) 622-7850 Seattle Area.