Repair Services

PNTA’s qualified technical staff can provide maintenance, repair and tech support for the highly specialized lighting, audio, communications, stage and special effects programming equipment that keeps your show up and running (see list). We’re up-to-date on servicing everything from the newest moving lights and digital control systems to the nearly antique, but still functioning followspots or analog dimmers you may still use in your facility.

  • Bring or ship your equipment to us or we’ll come to you for on-site analysis and repair.
  • We provide tech support and repair expertise for all the brands we sell and most others.
  • Extend the life and safety of your existing systems and equipment. We’re masters at finding cost-effective solutions to your problems that allow you to
    renew your existing equipment or to integrate technology upgrades as needed.
  • Yes, we can repair:
    • Moving or fixed-position lighting
    • Lighting or audio consoles and mixers
    • A wide variety of special effects equipment, including foggers and hazers
    • Leading manufacturers we support include ETC, Philips, Color Kinetics, Strand/Selecon, Altman, EDI, Colortran/Leviton/NSI, Mackie, High End Systems, Traxon, VariLite and Martin, among others

Start Here to Initiate Repair Services

Our tech team has been bringing dead equipment back-to-life since the 70's. Take advantage of our at-PNTA or at-customer-location equipment repair options.  Please use the relevant form below to initiate either process:

If you have any questions, please call (800) 622-7850 Toll Free or (206) 622-7850 Seattle Area.