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Welcome to PNTA , your one stop shop for your cosplay needs.

So how can WE help YOU? 


MAKEUP - PNTA has the Pacific Northwest’s largest supply of theatrical, film, and special F/X makeup! From airbrush, to dozens of types of fake blood, to primers and setting sprays, we’ve got you covered.

CONSTRUCTION – From molding, to sculpting, to casting, PNTA has a wide variety of products to use in your cosplay construction.

PERSONALIZED ADVICE – PNTA’s knowledgeable staff bring years of experience to the table. Wondering how to achieve a certain look? Not sure what makeup is right for you? Give us a call at (800) 622-7850 or pop into our showroom—we’d love to help!

If PNTA doesn’t have what you’re looking for, let us know—chances are, we can get it! We’re always looking for new and exciting products to bring into our store. All you have to do is ask!

Brian Morris, Seattle-based master builder for cosplay, costumes and props at ZakLabs, created the awesome Jinx cosplay above from the popular MMORPG "League Of Legends." Morris knew he needed makeup to achieve Jinx's tattoos, but he was concerned about the wearability of the makeup. After quick phone call and a visit to our showroom, Morris was armed with the right product to achieve his goal. Considering he aims to make things that are not just great, but epic and legendary, we think he nailed it! How can we help YOU make something epic?

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