• LEX Lex-Loc 15 Amp Edison Plug
  • LEX Lex-Loc 15 Amp Edison Plug
  • LEX Lex-Loc 15 Amp Edison Plug
  • LEX Lex-Loc 15 Amp Edison Plug
  • LEX Lex-Loc 15 Amp Edison Plug

LEX Lex-Loc 15 Amp Edison Plug

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Features & Benefits

  • Cage clamp terminations cannot loosen, eliminating the main cause of device failure.
  • Does not require tools; simply finger-open and close the terminals.
  • Saves labor.
  • Two fast-travel assembly screws save labor.
  • All-black color blends into scenery.
  • Beefy external cord clamp provides excellent strain relief for a wide range of cord sizes.

Lex-Loc™ devices meet or exceed Hospital Grade U.S. tests. Devices conform to U.S. Standards for hospital equipment, #498 and #544, including:

  • Abrupt plug removal (parallel to wall) test
  • Ground contact temperature test
  • Ground resistance test
  • Grounding contact overstress test
  • Assembly security test
  • Mold stress relief test
  • Crush test
  • Cord grip strain relief tests
  • Static cord pull test
  • Rotary cord pull test
  • Impact resistance test
  • Mechanical drop test

Housing and Body: Nylon – Tough and resistant to a wide range of chemicals. UL Recognized for 125°C continuous use. UL 94V-2 Flammability Index. Beveled design to resist snagging.
Blades and Contacts: Solid brass for excellent conductivity
Terminal Cover: Clear polycarbonate – terminals visible
Assembly Screws: Two U-drive combination slot/crosshead

Accommodates 18/3 SJ through 10/3 S cable
Cord Accommodation (with inserts): .300"- .430"
Cord Accommodation (inserts removed): >.430"- .655"

Dielectric Withstand Voltage: >3,000V
Heat Rise: Maximum 30°C after 100 cycles at 150% of rated current
Current Interrupting: Yes

U.L. Listed File E57672
C.S.A. Certified File LR81290

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