• GamColor CineFilter 1582 1/2 Minus Green

GamColor CineFilter 1582 1/2 Minus Green

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Minus green filters are designed to reduce the green spike found in fluorescent and HMI light sources. Minus green filters can be combined with the CTO or CTB filters to simulate the desired color temperature. GamColor ND and combination ND/CTO filters.

GamColor Minus green filters are available in six steps to deal with the many types of fluorescent lamps and the fact that the green peak increases with the age of an HMI lamp.

GamColor is deep dyed polyester – the color is linked molecularly into the polyester. There is a distinct advantage to this process over surface coated polyester. The deep dye process is more difficult to remove because it disturbs the molecular structure. Once the color is placed into the film it becomes difficult for color to evaporate or depart from the polyester base. In contrast, surface coated polyesters are more susceptible to fading when exposed to heat since the coating is merely placed on the surface and can readily evaporate.

Polyester melts at 480° F while polycarbonate-based gels melt at approximately 380° F. Polyester does not soften until it reaches 400° F, whereas polycarbonate softens at about 270° F.

Please note that the color filter samples shown on this web site are a suggestion of the color. You should always make your final selection with a GamColor swatchbook in hand.