• Rosco Storaro Lighting Filters
  • R2001 Storaro Red
  • R2002 Storaro Orange
  • R2003 Storaro Yellow
  • R2004 Storaro Green
  • R2005 Storaro Cyan
  • R2006 Storaro Azure
  • R2007 Storaro Blue
  • R2008 Storaro Indigo
  • R2009 Storaro Violet
  • R2010 Storaro Magenta

Rosco Storaro Lighting Filters

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Three-time Academy Award® winning cinematographer Vittorio Storaro is universally acknowledged for his masterful use of color in film lighting. Storaro chose Rosco to produce his personal palette of 10 richly saturated colors, representing key chromatic elements of the visible spectrum in a lighting filter range. The Storaro Selection was created to produce dramatic lighting effects that elicit a strong emotional response when viewed on screen.