• Rosco iPro Slide Film, 10 sheet pack

Rosco iPro Slide Film, 10 sheet pack


Rosco's proprietary iPro Slide Film gives superior print results compared to consumer inkjet transparency film found at local office supply stores. This film has been specially developed for the ImagePro system to create a projection with the highest resolution possible while still achieving rich dense blacks and saturated colors.

Simply print your desired image using an InkJet printer directly onto the iPro Slide Film. (Laser printers are not acceptable since the laser toner will not stand up to the heat.) Trim your printed image and fit it into a Rosco iPro Slide Kit, and you're ready to go.

10 LTR size sheets per pack.

NOTE: iPro Slide film has been tested with many available ink jet printers and found to have excellent results. However not all printers are compatible. If you find that the ink from your printer will not “grab” the iPro Slide Film then you should switch to a consumer brand of transparency film that has more “tooth” (texture) to the film. This will help the ink to adhere properly, but may also decreased the clarity of your image slightly.