• 3' Black Nylon Tuflex Roundsling

3' Black Nylon Tuflex Roundsling



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Strong and very durable, Tuflex roundslings are constructed of multiple yarns 100% polyester fiber encased in a tough, double-wall, woven polyester tube.

They are supple and pliable to conform to the shape of any load. In use, they flatten and grab the load securely. The seamless double-wall polyester sleeve won't damage painted or polished surfaces or delicate edges.

These roundslings are lightweight, color-coded to make selection of the proper strength easy, and take very little storage space.

At the rated capacity, a TUFLEX sling has less than 3% stretch - enough to help eliminate shock loading, but not enough to cause load bouncing. They are relatively unaffected by sunlight and grease, and resistant to most acids.

Inspection is easy - simply remove the sling from use if the cover appears damaged.

Rated for 2600 lbs using a vertical hitch, 2100 lbs using a choker hitch and 5200 lbs using a basket hitch.