• MIXOL Multi-Purpose Tinting Paste, 200 mL

MIXOL Multi-Purpose Tinting Paste, 200 mL

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MIXOL® is a highly concentrated, binder-free multi-purpose tinting concentrate – not a ready paint. It can't be used in pure form, but it can be added to almost any type of paint and coating materials.

MIXOL® tints are for indoor application only!

MIXOL® can be stored for many years and is thus extremely economical. Shake throughly before and close firmly after use so MIXOL® will not dry out or form lumps or skin.

MIXOL® is highly resistant to frost and heat, but temperatues below 41° F can cause thickening. After freezing it needs only to be thawed at room temperature. Then shake thoroughly and it is ready for use again.

Depending on the paint concerned, MIXOL® may be added up to a maximum of 10% by weight. But considering that it is highly concentrated, you can obtain best results by adding a minimum of MIXOL® . The maximum additions are:

  • 10% to latex and/or emulsion paints
  • 5-8% to paints, lacquers, varnishes, high-solids
  • 6% to acrylic paints
  • 3-5% to transparent and/or clear lacquers, transparent paints, glazes, wood stains, waxes, etc.
  • 3% to silicate and silicone paints and/or coatings

In case of tinting lacquers sometimes MIXOL® cannot be mixed easily by hand, therefore use a stirring apparatus, if possible, to get optimal results and to avoid a rub-out effect. It is also important to test results after stirring! Always test for compatibility by means of a "rub-test". Brush on some of the tinted paint and immediately rub hard with your finger. If it turns a darker shade, the materials is either incompatible with MIXOL® or the concentrate has not been properly stirred in. Stir well again and repeat test. Add MIXOL® first and only then add the thinner if required.

For internal application (e.g., on new wood and other surfaces), MIXOL® also offers a multi-purpose concentrate White No. 25, which should be added to colorless coating and/or transparent paints, glazes, etc. to create a pickling effect.

MIXOL® multi-purpose tinting concentrates are an absolutely first-class product–"Made in Germany"–and have proved themselves for over 40 years.