• City Theatrical Candle Lite Unlimited Candle Kit

City Theatrical Candle Lite Unlimited Candle Kit


This item has been discontinued.

Please note - due to supply chain shortages, very limited stock of LED version candles are available. Call to confirm availability.

Real flames are very tightly regulated in live entertainment for safety reasons, often requiring special permits. Candles are often called for in scripts, and our Candle Lite Unlimited flicker candles are an excellent way of simulating live candles on stage. They are remarkably realistic from a few feet away and can be dimmed with standard stage dimmers. They also can be hand held and battery operated and have a built in on-off switch. Our Candle Kit is the circuit board, flame tip, and wiring, without the plastic candle shell, and can be used to create custom lanterns, votives, and props.

The Candle Kit consists of a flame tip, 12" of wire leads, a small circuit board, and two leads exiting the circuit board.  The candle kit is designed to be built into users’ designs such as custom sconces and chandeliers. 

The Candle Kit can be powered either with a 9v battery or an external power supply (not included, sold separately). 

*Note: both incandescent and LED candles are available for purchase. They are both the same size. Incandescent candles are more realistic, but LED bulbs have a much longer battery life (2 hrs. vs. 20 hrs.)