• CosBond Attach & Build Sheet

CosBond Attach & Build Sheet


CosBond is an industrial strength glue, embedded with tiny micro fibers for added strength, sandwiched between two release sheets. The bond is instant, has no fumes, and is non-toxic and mess-free. With other glues, you may have a wait time to adhere pieces together, nasty and dangerous fumes, difficult cleanup, or fear of glue failure. With CosBond, your glue and adhesion fears can be a thing of the past!

To use CosBond Attach & Build, simply cut the material to the size and shape that you want. Then peel one side of the release sheets and press firmly to your material. Finally, peel off the second release sheet and adhere your material to whatever you'd like. Once you stick your pieces firmly together, they won't come apart.

Once applied, the CosBond adhesive is long lasting and will adhere for the life of your project. It doesn't harden or become brittle with age like other adhesives. On the shelf, CosBond lasts for years.

CosBond adheres to a wide variety of products: EVA foam, fun foam, XPS foam, thermal plastics (Sintra, Styrene, Kydex), Worbla, cloth, wood, leather, metals and glass. CosBond does NOT work on silicone, latex and some vinyls.

CosBond Attach & Build is a 8 1/2" x 12" sheet.