• Le Maitre Gforce 3 Smoke Machine
  • Le Maitre Gforce 3 Smoke Machine

Le Maitre Gforce 3 Smoke Machine

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The GForce 3 is the most powerful of the GForce range. The large heater block, twin output pipes and double pumps make this machine the chosen unit for fire services or anywhere that there are vast amounts of smoke required. The GForce 3 has fully compatible DMX on board with the option of a handheld remote control. The new pulse/phase pump control ensures the unit is not too noisy and gives you ultimate flow control.

The Gforce 3 is ready to operate in approximately 6 minutes. DMX is built into the unit (similar to the MVS controls). Settings can be stored for instant recall on power up. DMX can be locked for powering up in DMX mode.

With a choice of different fluids available, Le Maitre smoke machines can give you a quick dissipating or long lasting fog.

Used with Le Maitre's Freezefog, the Gforce 3 will give a fantastic low fog effect that stays low.

Product Features:

  • Variable Smoke ouptut.
  • Quieter Smoke Output Performance.
  • High Continuous Output Capability.
  • Dual processor circuitry with a digital multi feature control panel.
  • Includes a connection for use with the Freezefog Pro.
  • Optional connection for controlling fans up to 200W.
  • Built in DMX (5-pin connectors).
  • External fluid bottle, with 5L carrier, reducing space requirements.
  • Controls – Smoke Output, Pre-Delay (Freezefog use), Fan Speed (Optional output), Time on, Pause time, DMX address, Options to bypass DMX address 2 & 3.
  • Separate Smoke On/Off.
  • Fluid consumption: 4cc/s Short duration burst, 1.5cc/s continuous.

Technical Specifications:

  • POWER REQUIREMENTS: 110v 60Hz 10amps
  • DIMENSIONS: 16.1" L x 11.4" W x 7.9" H
  • WEIGHT: 26.5 lbs