• Clear-Com HBP-2x HelixNet Beltpack
  • Clear-Com HBP-2x HelixNet Beltpack
  • Clear-Com HBP-2x HelixNet Beltpack
  • Clear-Com HBP-2x HelixNet Beltpack
  • Clear-Com HBP-2x HelixNet Beltpack

Clear-Com HBP-2x HelixNet Beltpack



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Beltpack Highlights

  • Simultaneous access to two out of the four intercom channels of full-duplex communication.
  • Save time and money with networked audio that transports all channels over a shielded twisted-pair wire.
  • Passively interconnect beltpacks in daisy-chain or star configurations; no need for active split boxes.
  • High user capacity by connecting up to 20 Beltpacks to a single HMS-4X Main Station across four channels.
  • Unique tactile controls on the Beltpack are designed to be easily recognized by feel and include bump-proof volume knobs.
  • Easily update Beltpack software and firmware using the convenience of USB-A and micro-port connectivity.
  • Easy to learn and operate Beltpacks with high-contrast, yellow OLED, 10-characters display to show logical channel labels such as ‘Production’, ‘Lighting’, ‘Sound’.


  • 2-channel full-duplex digital beltpack
  • Binaural listening on HXII-BP-X5 beltpacks
  • Power and audio over a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) or single XLR cable
  • Access to any 2 of up to 24 available channels on each beltpack
  • Program audio with separate program level control
  • Stacked key addresses multiple channels
  • USB flasher mode
  • USB Micro-AB port
  • Pushbutton menu access
  • 10-character yellow OLED label display
  • XLR-4M or XLR-5F headset jack
  • Rugged, light-weight poly-carbonate casing
  • IP-53 rated for dust and water ingress
Intercom Line: 3-pin XLR–F
LAN/PoE: RJ-45 etherCON
Headset: 4-pin XLR–or 5-pin XLR-F
USB: Micro AB

Microphone Pre-Amplifier

Headset Mic Impedance: 200 Ω (Dynamic)
Headset Mic Voltage 1.7V (Electret selectable)
Limiter: +23dB
Mic Gain: 60dB (Dynamic), 45dB (Electret)
Frequency Response: 300Hz – 10kHz ±3dB, Contoured for Intelligibility
Distortion:  <0.2% THD @ 1kHz
Noise: <-55dBu (Dynamic) <-65dBu (Electret)

Headphone Amplifier
Load Impedance: >32 Ω
Output Level: +12dBu before clipping
Max Gain: 12dB
Frequency Response: 40Hz - 10kHz ±3dB
Distortion: <0.2% THD @ 1kHz
Noise: -65dBu
Headphone Limiter: -0dBu (selectable)
Sidetone: -12dBu (selectable)

5.3in H x 3.9in W x 1.7in D
Weight: 12.2oz

Power Requirements

DC Voltage Range: 30-60 volts

0˚C - 50˚C (32˚F - 158˚F)
0 - 90% relative humidity
2 year manufacturer's.