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 New Home Dance Kit


PNTA is pleased to announce a new kit specifically geared towards in home use. You can now purchase 5 or 10 feet of Adagio Tour in black and receive floor tape and Rosco's all-purpose floor cleaner included. The whole package is at a discount, so this is a fantastic solution for anyone looking to practice dance in their home. The section comes in a roll. Just lay it out and tape it down to a hard, flat surface and you are ready to dance. Each section is 63" wide and rolls up for easy storage. This is the easiest solution to have a professional grade Marley dance floor at your home whenever you need it. Order one today!


Now in stock


Adagio is Rosco's toughest floor. It can stand up to every type of dance, even tap and flamenco. This floor will take anything.

Dance Floor

Dance Floor is Rosco's version of the classic two-sided Marley. It has the perfect slip for ballet and jazz and is reversible to match any look.

Adagio Tour

Adagio Tour provides all the same grip and toughness of Adagio, but at a lighter weight. Perfect for any touring production.



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PNTA now provides

Dance Flooring


PNTA is your source for Marley floors in the Pacific Northwest. Rosco's versatile vinyl floors are now in our warehouse and ready for purchase and in store pickup in Seattle. These are perfect for any studio or performance space. These roll out dance floors are available by the bolt and by the foot. Contact PNTA for the best dance products in the Pacific Northwest!





Rosco's Flooring Products Now Online

All of Rosco's flooring products are now available by special order. From Chroma Key to Rosco Studio Tiles, every product can be provided to you by PNTA. Check out the entire catalog online. Call or email for quotes and more information from our trained professionals.




Portable, Modular Sprung Floor

Call in to get a quote on Rosco's SubFloor and make sure you and your dancers are protected from injury. The easiest install of a subfloor solution on the market. For temporary and permanent installations.

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